Robot Game

Field Set Up, Missions, Rules

The object of the game is to shape your growing city with more stable, beautiful, useful, accessible and sustainable buildings and structures. Solve the real-world problems represented in the Missions to score points. Find an excerpt from the Engeering Notebook here - it shows you the setup of the mission models on the field, the missions of the Robot Game for CITY SHAPERSM and the rules of the Robot Game.

All details about CITY SHAPERSM challenge (Robot Game, Research Project, Core Values etc.) can be found from this year on in the Team Meeting Guides and Engineering Notebooks your coach may download from the Login Area. The buidling instructions for the mission models can be found in the login area as well as on Building Instructions.

While it’s obvious that everyone needs to become an expert on the details of the Missions, it’s also extremely important for everyone, vets as well as rookies, to know the Field Setup, Rules and the FAQ which are updated regularly. If you have questions about the challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us: Don´t forget to respect the other challenge parts as the Research Project, the Core Values and Robot Design! Look at the benefits of knowing all details…

• have fewer questions
• have less rework
• have fewer surprises at tournaments
• score higher
• have more fun
• operate in a fog
• learn a lot from… referees
• start over and lose time
• lose points
• get stressed

FLL 2019/20 Referee Training

On Oct 11th 2019 we have exclusively offered the FIRST® LEGO® League Referee Training for Central European Referees as a live stream. The video is now also available on our YouTube Channel as both a support for referees, organizers and teams. Take a look into it an get an overview about the most important rules and specialties of the CITY SHAPERSM Robot Game.