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Ahead of the tournament, all teams will develop their individual robot based on the LEGO® Mindstorms (RCX, NXT, EV3). The robot designed and programmed by the team is supposed to solve autonomously a set of missions on the FLL Tournament Table. At the tournament day each team gets 2½ minutes (150 seconds) to manage as many tricky missions as possible.

FIRST® LEGO® League is more than robots! Teams are preparing 4 categories for the tournament: Robot Game, Robot Design, Research Project and Teamwork.

What exactly has to be done within the FLL categories? Find it out in our mini series "Expert interviews on FLL". The two experts Tim and Viviana are - among other things - explaining:

... what exactly the Robot Game is.
... how the Robot Game is conducted on a tournament.
... what's up with a strategy on the playing field.
... how to prepare for the tournament.

Have a look: