Season topic

What is awaiting the teams in season 2019/20

Designing the buildings of the future

Attention, builders! We need you to help us imagine and build places to live and work for everyone. Combine your problem-solving skills and creativity in the 2019/2020 BOOMTOWN BUILDSM season, where you and your friends will shape a better future – together.

Welcome to Boomtown


Use your imagination and LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 to design and program your BOOMTOWN BUILDSM. Keep track of what you learn in your Engineering Notebook, and tell about it in a Show Me poster.

More details and tipps can be found in your printed Engineering Notebooks and your coach can find a structure of the team meetings in the Team Meeting Guide - you receive both after registration with your Inspire Set.

Core Values

Throughout your season the FIRST® Core Values will be a guide for your team. Respecting each other, embracing differences, exploring new ideas and skills, using creativity and persistence, applying and improving, working together and celebrating what you do are FIRST® LEGO® League Junior Core Values ​​and make for a good team.

Engineering Design Process

A team will use the engineering design process during each session as they work on the BOOMTOWN BUILDSM Challenge. The four parts of the process are:
• Explore a problem.
• Create one or more solutions.
• Test the solutions.
• Share what you learn.
There is no set order for this process. You can go through some or all of the parts multiple times in a single session.


The video gives you a first insight in the season topic and the challenge you are supposed to fulfill for FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior. Take a complete look or jump to the topics you are interested in.

1:10 Introduction BOOMTOWN BUILD Topic

1:30 Core Values

1:54 Challenge