Evaluation Robot Game

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Evaluation Robot Game

On the tournament day, each team will compete in the Robot Game in three preliminary roundsAt each match, the team has the chance to score as many points as possible. No match is linked with each other. Only the best match applies. The team that scores the highest score will automatically receive 50 rating points. The scoring points of the other teams are calculated by setting their scores in relation to the highest score scored. The calculated scores from the Robot Game preliminary rounds go directly into the evaluation of the FLL Champions.

The 8 or 4 best teams out of the three preliminary rounds will compete again in the Robot Game Quarter- and / or Semi- FinalsIn the quarter and semi-finals, the teams perform only one match each. The score achieved is the score which is taken into account. Based on these scores, a ranking list will be created.

The two best teams from the semi-finals compete in the Robot Game Final in 2 rounds.The sum of the points scored from both rounds determines the winner of the Robot Game. The team with the higher total wins the FLL Trophy "Best Robot Game".

At the tournament trained referees will evaluate the Robot Game. They either record the results on the printed scoring sheet or enter the points directly on the tablet in the online evaluation software.

The teams can also use the scoring sheet to test themselves and be well prepared for the tournament day.

Please note: If referees use tablets for the evaluation, points are entered in an English interface. The team members standing at the table during the Robot Game should be prepared for this.