Too old to participate?

What comes after?

You've had a lot of fun with FIRST LEGO League Explore and you were able to gather first experiences, but now you are too old to participate? No problem! You are now old and experienced enough to take part in the robotics and research competition FIRST LEGO League Challenge, which was designed for 9 to 16 year old participants. A lot of the program will be familiar to you, but there will also be new things.

You can find all important information regarding FIRST LEGO League Challenge here:

10 important points for the transition

To organise the transition of your team from FIRST LEGO League Explore to FIRST LEGO League Challenge as smoothly as possible, we've collected the most important differences of both programmes for you here:

  1. From now on you'll be with the elder kids: the team members of FIRST LEGO League Challenge are between 9 and 16 years old – the deadline of the age restriction is the 1st of January of the year, when the official kickoff of the Challenge takes place. In addition, also the teams are bigger with up to 10 members

  2. FIRST LEGO League Challenge is a competition, which means, that you have to compete with your team against other teams.

  3. The competition consists of 4 different equally important categories: Research, Teamwork, Robot Game and Robot Design. Each season a new Challenge Set with missions for your robot and a research question are published. The teamwork activity is secret until the day, when the tournament takes place.

  4. From now on you will use the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot set to program a robot, that is able to move autonomously and fulfill the missions on the field mat. 

  5. The yearly changing topic always addresses scientic and technical problems of the real world. The tasks leave much more room for your preferences, for example will you get a research question, but you have to decide for yourself, in which aspect you want to do your research in. 

  6. From now on the reviewers are called Judges. For each category (Research, Teamwork, Robot Design) there is at least one Jury group at the tournaments. Often the Judges are experts in their field – so think of a creative and smart way to convince them of your ideas. 

  7. Next to the judges there are Referees, who will evaluate your achievments in the robot game. 

  8. The tournament takes place for a whole day – at the final it will be even two days. This gives you many opportunities to meet other teams.

  9. At the end of each contest there is a ranking so you can see how good your performance has been compared to the other participating teams. The first three teams in each category receive a ranking certificate in addition to medals and a certificate of participation; the first teams in each category receive an award.

  10. Usually it takes some time and competitive experience for new teams, until they achieve successes. So don't be disappointed after your first season, but take your chance to talk to experienced and successful teams.