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Respecting each other, embracing differences, exploring new ideas and skills, using creativity and persistence, applying and improving, working together and celebrating what you do are FIRST LEGO League Core Values ​​and make for a good team.

Teams can not prepare for the category “teamwork” in the traditional sense. Rather, it is important that the team members internalize the Core Values ​​already in the preparation time and also live them – then they will also master together the surprise task, which they should solve during teamwork, without any problems and have a lot of fun!

FIRST LEGO League is more than robots! Teams are preparing 4 categories for the tournament: Robot Game, Robot Design, Research Project and Teamwork.

What exactly has to be done within the FIRST LEGO League categories? Find it out in our mini series "Expert interviews on FIRST LEGO League".

Expert Michael gives a comprehensive insight into working as a coach and he is - among other things - explaining:
... what matters in teamwork.
... the meaning of the team name.
... which task the coach has for teamwork.
... what is recommended for the judging session on the tournament day.

Have a look: