Live Challenge

As part of the remote final of the 2020/21 season

What is the Live Challenge?

For many years now, there has been an extra category at the season final in addition to the four categories of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge, namely the Live Challenge. It does not count for the overall standings, but is an opportunity for you to show once again what you can achieve together as a team at the end of the season.

In the Live Challenge, the teams have to score as many points as possible within a short period of time with a given robot, the Live-Challenge-Bot. The special thing about this is that the bot has "special features" that ensure that the creativity of the entire team is needed to build effective tools and program the bot appropriately.

Even though, unfortunately, we can only meet online for the finals this year, we will have a Live Challenge on 15th of May from 10:00 to 11:00 am in remote form. We would be very happy if you joined us for it!

Further below, in the participation manual, you will find all the necessary information on what you will require for the Live Challenge and how you can prepare as a team. However, the last and deciding details will not be provided until the final. Otherwise, it would not be a Live Challenge.

Participation information

Building instructions

Building instructions for MINDSTORMS EV3
Building instructions for SPIKE Prime

Adjustment instructions

Adjustment instructions for MINDSTORMS EV3
Adjustment instructions for SPIKE Prime
Adjustment instructions for the playing field