Information about Evaluation

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On the tournament day every team is given the possibility for 5 minutes to present their research results to a selected jury. For the presentation there are various possibilities e.g. parody, formal presentation or demonstration. The jury members want to make sure that more than one team member has worked on the research project. The jury pays also attention

  • whether the team understood and shows all aspects of the problem.
  • whether the team analyses the effects, despite of not having solved the problem.
  • whether the team is working out a solution including robot technology.
  • whether the presentation attracts the attention of the jury.

The award is given to the team, which presents

  • a child-suitable “high-quality” research,
  • an innovative solution,
  • a profound understanding of the different aspects of their research and
  • a creative presentation.

The judges evaluate the teams on the basis of the Evaluation Sheet “Research”.

The evaluation sheet Research Project for FLL 2020/2021 will be available soon. Until then, teams and coaches can get an impression of the evaluation sheet Research Project by having a look at the one from last season: