After the season is before the season! Here is more information aorund the preparation for FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Tips and Resources

Even before the mission publication on August 4, 2020 you and your team can already do some preparation work. Here we have some useful resources. Do you know of any other pages or material? If you have more ideas what we should include here, please contact Tina.

Virtual Preparation

In this unusual season due to COVID-19 we would like to support you with tips on how to hold your team meetings virtually.

Important: Before using the programs, please check if they comply with the data protection laws in your country.

Here are a few suggestions for chat tools:

A tutorial on how to use Chrome as a remote desktop, for example to program together with several people, can be found here.

With the following tools you can manage your communication and your tasks as a team:

And with this tool you can also test your robot virtually:

Referee video and workshops

Video for referees

There is many aspects to consider regarding the Robot Game. That is why we make a video for referees (in German) each season of FIRST LEGO League Challenge, in which we explain each mission. The video is not just helpful for referees though, but also for your team, because this way you know how you will be evaluated on the tournament day.

Workshop with the NanoGiants

The NanoGiants, whose members were and are actively involved themselves, have various offers for teams, coaches and organisers of FIRST LEGO League Challenge tournaments: there are trial courses, programming training, consultations and Jumpstart Workshops for new coaches. Have a look on their website, you will also find the "12 Golden Rules for Coaches" and some building instructions for robots from the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Basic Set!

Prepare yourself with a challenge set of a past season

At the support association HANDS on e.V. you can order challenge sets of past seasons and test new techniques, solutions and programming!

Sharing with other teams

To learn from other teams and share your knowledge are some of the most interesting aspects of FIRST LEGO League Challenge. There are many different ways how you can support other teams with your experience and show your work during the season and the preparation:

If you tag us, we are happy to share your posts and videos in our social media channels!

Important: Please make sure that every person (or their legal guardian) that can be recognized on the pictures, agrees to the publication on social media.

Off-Season Challenge

After the FIRST LEGO League Challenge season (starting in March 2021), we will offer you three completely new season-related missions in the Off-Season Challenge. You can send in your solutions as short videos and a jury will judge all submissions. Besides a lot of fun and new challenges for your team, you can win cool prizes such as expansions for LEGO Mindstorms EV3.
Information about the new challenge will be published here in early 2021.

Update on the2019/20 Off-Season Challenge: Unfortunately the Off-Season Challenge for the 2019/20 season cannot be continued due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus. No personal meetings of teams should take place and we do not want to encourage this with this project.
But you can already look forward to the new season and the next Off-Season Challenge 2020/21, because great challenges are waiting for you!