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What do you need?

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Which materials are necessary for the participation?

The classroom package includes all the materials required for up to 30 children. It is recommended that students work in a team consisting of a maximum of 6 people, which means that up to 5 teams can work on the project at the same time. Each team will need space to design, build and program the robots, as well as space for brainstorming, research and teamwork. Access to electricity and the internet are important and should be available for every team.

You get the following materials with the FIRST LEGO League Challenge - In the classroom package:

  • 2 FIRST LEGO League Challenge sets (mat and task models)
  • 1 educational guide FIRST LEGO League Challenge - In the classroom (for the teacher)
  • 2 guides for team meetings (for the teacher, it contains a 12 lesson plan)
  • 10 engineering notebooks (at least 2 per team)
  • 5 robot game tasks and rules (at least 1 per team)
  • 30 medals (1 per student)
  • 5 certificted (1 per team)
  • 1 LEGO award to build yourself

Please keep in mind that you will need 3-5 LEGO Education Mindstorms basic sets or 3-5 SPIKE Prime basic and supplementary sets to carry out the classroom project.
SPECIAL OFFER: Schools with a need for robot set will receive two LEGO SPIKE Prime basic and expansion sets as a free permanent loan. This offer is only valid for institutions, that have not participated in FIRST LEGO League before.

Furthermore, each team needs a tablet or a computer. These products are not included in the set offer.

How much time is needed?

As a teacher you can integrate the topic very well into the teaching and you are not tied to any time schedule. In the pedagogical guide there are templates for the design of the teaching units and their distribution. It can take up to half a school year from the first lesson to the final competition, depending on the design and planning.

We recommend an internal school competition at the end of the project, where students have the opportunity to present their results and celebrate each other. You will receive awards (in the form of medals and a trophy) for participating.

What are the costs?

The package FIRST LEGO League Challenge - In the classroom has a price of 670.00 € plus shipping* and is sufficient for 30 children or 5 teams.

* Shipping in D: € 24.00, AT: € 57.00, CH: € 99.00