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In the classroom

Learning mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology in a playful way is not a contradiction at all. With the FIRST LEGO League Challenge - In the classroom, students experience STEM topics in an interdisciplinary manner and develop sustainable skills in various areas. In addition to the acquisition of professional skills, social skills are promoted and strengthened by working together in a team and independent work is encouraged.

With FIRST LEGO League Challenge - In the classroom, teachers can make lessons interactive and exciting and convey scientific and technical content haptically and realistically to students aged 9 to 16 years.

FIRST LEGO League Challenge is an annual research and robot competition in which children and young people construct and program a LEGO robot so that it can master various tasks, so called missions. Furthermore, a real problem must be scientifically developed and creatively solved in the research project. It is about efficiency, skill, technical and scientific thinking as well as social skills and fun in the game. The program arose from a cooperation between the American educational institution FIRST and the Danish toy manufacturer LEGO. The educational program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has been mediated and organized by us since 2003: HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V.

The format In the Classroom is designed for schools especially and offers teachers the freedom to carry out the program at their own school independently out of the regular competition cycle of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge. As a conclusion, a small, internal competition can be organized within the class or across classes with the school. If interested, a school can also register one or more teams for the regular FIRST LEGO League Challenge to present its research results to an experienced jury at the competition, to have the robot evaluated by referees and to compete with other regional teams.

Whether in class or at a regular competition - the FIRST core values ​​aim on how the teams work and deal with each other.

Impact - STEM & more

In addition to have a competition in the classroom, the students will get to know a global network that is active in over 110 countries. The effects of the program are varied, they lead to far-reaching developments in the STEM area through discovery, acquiring skills and gaining experience - even after the competition in the classroom is over.

By using the interactive program, the students will not only deal with STEM topics during the time. A study by Brandeis University (USA / Massachusetts) in 2019 showed that participating in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge had an enduring impact on students' awareness of scientific and technical interests after just one year.