In the past years, the themes were highly diverse

History of FLL

The topics of the research and robot tournament FIRST LEGO League Challenge (formerly FIRST LEGO League) are based on current research and social developments.


1105 teams from 78 regions have dealt with the topic of urban living. Unfortunately the final tournament was cancelled due to COVID-19.

For further reading, please read our Research Project and the Robot Game.


FLL 2018/19 – INTO ORBIT

1096 Teams from 76 Regions have worked in 2018 about the question how we can improve living and travelling throgh space.

FLL Champion „INTO ORBITSM“ in Central Europe is Team “SAP Rocket” from Dresden (D).


Curious natures can see here the Research Project and the Robot Game.

FLL 2017/18 – Hydro Dynamics

1022 teams from 72 regions explored what how water circuits made by humans can be improved.

FLL Champion “Hydro Dynamics” in Central Europe is team “Goethe RobotX” from Bensheim (Germany).

Learn more about the Research Project and the Robot Game.

FLL 2015/16 – Trash Trek

In 2015, 884 teams explored how to make less trash or improve the way people handle the trash we make.

FLL Champion “Trash Trek” in Central Europe is Team Cassapeia from Wiesloch (D).

Learn more about the Research Project and the Robot Game.

FLL 2013 – Nature's Fury

811 FLL teams explored the awe-inspiring storms, quakes, waves and more that we call natural disasters. They have discovered what can be done when intense natural events meet the places people live, work, and play.

FLL 2011 – Food Factor

813 FLL Teams tried to solve food safety problems with the help of their robot and researched ways to improve the quality of food. They have been looking into different fields e.g. avoiding unsterile processing and transportation or unsanitary preparation and storage of food.

FLL 2009 – Smart Move

The key to the 2009 “Smart Move” Challenge was accessing people, places, goods and servicesin the safest, most efficient way possible. More than 660 teams considered many modes of transportation beyond their daily routine and streamlined their options by making smart moves!

FLL 2007 – Power Puzzle

The challenge “Power Puzzle” is all about the basic understanding of energy use. Just as our world is growing and changing, the energy demand does. More than 3000 participants in 6 countries got involved into different types of energy and found out about their impact on our world.

FLL 2005 – Ocean Odyssey

The water on our planet keeps lots of surprises hidden in it. More than 2000 kids researched oceans, rivers and lakes within “Ocean Odyssey”. See, program and research yourselves ...

FLL 2003 – Mission Mars

In the limelight there is outer space and planets that are far away: “Mission Mars” fascinated more than 100 teams with more than 700 participants. For the first time an austrian FLL Tournament has been taken place.

FLL 2001 – Arctic Impact

The first tournament in Germany! 16 teams traveled to far away arctic regions to study global climate changes and the potential impact of global warming on humanity.


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