Off-Season Mission

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The FIRST LEGO League season is over far too quickly? Good news:
It goes on!

We have a new challenge for you, where you can let off steam creatively. You can also win some great prizes!
Are you ready for the Off-Season Mission?

Your mission

Our off-season consists of a task based on the current season's theme "Playmakers":

Grummi-Flummi is in your town! But unfortunately, Grummi-Flummi is missing a Hulli-Wulli. Can you help him?

Grummi-Flummi is a green, grumpy monster that puffs up like a blowfish - but only when he's upset. Sometimes, when it gets particularly upset, it threatens to burst. This must be prevented! And as befits real monsters, Grummi-Flummi also has special abilities: It can jump like a kangaroo and makes funny squeaking noises while doing so. However, it needs a Hulli-Wulli for this: a monster transporter. This is only available on the little monster's home planet, the Flummi planet. Without this monster transporter, Grummi-Flummi gets annoyed and as you now know - the monster then puffs up and threatens to burst! So think about a means of transport with which Grummi-Flummi can also move on Earth. Consider the special ability of Grummi-Flummi. Put yourself in the position of the little green monster: What could it look like, does it have arms and legs or maybe even several? On Grummi-Flummi's home planet, for example, there are little flying sticks with wheels that can fly and drive (in green, of course, the national color of the Flummi planet). What else can you think of? You can also think of a special monster toy instead of a means of transportation. This is what Grummi-Flummi loves just as much as a Hulli-Wulli. Be creative! Afterwards, share your ideas with your team and decide on one.

  1. First paint Grummi-Flummi
  2. Create a design of Hulli-Wulli or of a monster toy. Pay attention to the special abilities of Grummi-Flummi.
  3. Decide in the team on a variant and build the Hulli-Wulli or the monster play device with LEGO.
  4. Send us a maximum of 10 photos per team of your drawings and your LEGO creation and win great prizes!


All entries will be reviewed by an independent jury and judged on creativity and effort. The winning teams will be announced 3 weeks after the closing date. The legal process is excluded.